Group Events

Reserve a track for your special event. Group events can be arranged which allow a group of people to race together. These events can be made up of multiple practice sessions or they can follow one of our competition formats.

Birthday Parties

Rent one of our party rooms and add a birthday cake at the end of a private kids racing school and you have yourself a birthday party. Each child will have to have a parent sign a waiver. Parents who come to the school can fill our the minor release when they arrive. Children who won't be accompanied by a parent will need to print out a minor waiver, have their parents sign it and then have it notarized. 

Group Events

Corporate events / Team building
Conduct a corporate presentation in one of our classrooms prior to a group racing event, add some catering and you have yourself a corporate event.

Bachelor parties
The key to a successful bachelor party is to START with the racing event - then move on to the other things usually associated with bachelor parties. To drive home the point — if ONE member of a bachelor party has a BAC over 0.0 (or otherwise seems impaired) then the whole event will be canceled.